Preparing your Online Shopping Cart for Cyber Monday

preparing your shopping cart for cyber mondayCyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving is only one week away. Are you prepared for it? One statistic from says that Cyber Monday could see more than $1.25 billion in online U.S. sales this year. Online retailers have been offering crazy low prices, free shipping and also free items with other sales for about 8 or 9 years now for the Monday after Thanksgiving. So you will need to make sure you can keep up with your competitors and also run tests on your website to make sure nothing is abnormal.

First of all, make sure your shipping rates and discount codes are calculating correctly. Even if you are offering free shipping for this e commerce holiday, you need to make sure that the products that you are offering free shipping for are actually receiving it. Advertising free shipping on your site and having it calculate incorrectly could push customers away, showing unprofessionalism.


Another thing to do is offer gift cards for purchase on Cyber Monday. Not only will this boost sales for that specific day, but it will boost sales for the next big holiday season, Christmas. Giving away items with other sales is very enticing for you customers as well. You should really get creative with how you can offer discounts at a later time.


This is a very exciting time for online business owners. You can really get creative with your offers to bring in customers. Make sure that you contact your customers a bit more frequently than you usually do through the year to keep them updated on the awesome deals you are giving them!

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