Researching Strong Keywords for Your Ecommerce Site

 There are many tools out there to help optimize your usage of search engines. There are some that cost money and there are some that are more economical (read free). Some of the tools will work the same while others offer different services. I’m going to name a few of the free and paid tools and summarize what they offer. 


Free Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool
This is Google’s official AdWord’s research tool. With this you can search by word or phrase, website or even category. It will bring up keywords, how much competition for that keyword and also the amount of searches a month for that specific keyword. The amount of searches a month is divided into two categories. One is global searches, the other is local searches.


Yahoo! Search Clues
This is basically statistics on what people have been searching for at They have some cool features such as a comparison between two similar searches such as mountain bike to road bike. Another tool Yahoo has is an option to see what the most popular searches are. You can even filter it to just male, female or both. You are also able to see the trends of searches. For example, mountain bike searches are rising this month.


Paid Tools

This is a paid tool that can run up to $79.95 a month. Yeah, you could use some free keyword tools but they don’t have as many options as the paid tools such as SEMRUSH.  Here you can see your competitors, estimate SE and AdWords traffic as well as find some hidden keywords. They have over 95,000,000 keywords and 43,000,000 domains!


Majestic SEO
This is an England based company that claims to have the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world. This internet map is used for Link Building, Competitor analysis, and News Monitoring as well as others.


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