Return Policies on your Ecommerce Site

 Well, our Christmas in July theme is over. Going along with the holiday theme, though, this blog post will be about the post-Holiday season. I like to refer to this time of the year as the “Black Friday” of returns. That prejudice stems from me working in customer service for a retail company. However, throughout the month of August, Cart32 will be highlighting some of our partners and what all they can do for you. But first, as I mentioned before, the “Black Friday” of returns is here… metaphorically! With that brings about the enforcement of your return policy. 


If you don’t have a return policy, well, you need to get one. No business ever has had zero returns. So before you get that first return, it’s important to lay out some rules and guides for how returns will be processed. Customers like to know what to expect with a return. They don’t want to send an item back and hope that they get their money back in a timely fashion. Me personally, I won’t purchase from a company online without reading over their return policy: if it seems rigid and anti-returns, I probably won’t shop there. If it’s hard to find, I get uncertain and will most likely not purchase from the company.


Speaking of rigid and anti-returns return policies… while it’s important to have a return policy, you don’t want to turn people away with it. Try to avoid strong negative words like “We WILL NOT…”, “We ONLY accept…” etc. etc. That leads me to think that if I do have a problem, well, I’m pretty much stuck with it. While avoiding those words, though, it’s important not to sound wishy-washy. You don’t want to leave your returns up for interpretation. Be clear, be concise, and be kind.


Return policies are hit or miss. You either please people or you don’t. Figure out what works for your company, implement it, and stick to it. Just because someone isn’t happy with your return policy doesn’t mean you should go through it and rewrite the entire thing. If it’s something that should be addressed, address it. Though, in all my time working customer service in retail, know that you absolutely can NOT please everyone.


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