Running Promotions on your Ecommerce Site

 Have some items that you are discontinuing and want to get rid of? Run a special on them. Promotions are great ways to increase sales and traffic to your site and there are many ways that you can provide and distribute your promotions. Cart32 makes it simple to run promotions on your site and there are sites like Groupon that can help with this as well. Take a look below to find some cool ways to promote your sales and your business. 


Cart32 Discounts
Cart32 has a feature that allows you to create discounts for all kinds of things on your site. Want to give free shipping if someone buys a select combination of items? Cart32 can do that. Want to take a percentage off a set of items for a limited time only? Cart32 can do that too! The Cart32 discount system is extremely flexible and is sure to provide you with the discount you’re looking for.


Don’t have a Cart32 shopping cart yet? Click here to see what Cart32 can do for you and your online business.


Daily Deal Sites
These types of sites are popping up all over the place. The big names in the business are Living Social and Groupon. These sites allow you to post deals in your area and get traffic to your business, whether that be a brick and mortar store and/or an online one. Groupon is a little different as it let you set a minimum of deals bought before the deal activates. With these deal sites you can then take the codes they give you for each coupon and make a gift certificate out of them in the Cart32 administration.


Gift Certificates
Speaking of gift certificates, you don’t have to use Groupon or other daily deals sites to offer gift certificates. You can sell your own gift certificates through Cart32 on your web page. This allows your customers to pass on your business to others.


There are many way to run promotions and to get the word about your promotions out there. Face Book, Twitter, Google+, the list goes on and on. Be creative and I’m sure that your business will benefit from a good promotion! 


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