Selling Products through Facebook!

 We’ve gotten a few inquiries about using Cart32 to feature products on a Facebook page and we are glad to introduce how to do this. Using an iFrame app like Static HTML for Pages and Cart32 form code it is fairly simple to set up. This is a great way to promote your social presence by setting up special prices for products being sold specifically on Facebook. 


First you will need to put the iFrame App on your Facebook page. You can do this visiting by visiting the Static HTML App page and clicking “Add to My Page” on the left hand side. A popup will and appear and you simple click “Add to Page” next to the page you would like it to appear on. You’re welcome to use any iFrame app, but this is the one we will use in our example


Next, you will want to access the app by going to your Facebook page and clicking “Edit Page” in the top right corner. This will take you to admin “dashboard,” where you will want to click “Apps” on the left hand side.


Click “Edit Settings” below the Static HTML app to change the name of the App to “Store” or whatever you would like by editing the text in the field labeled “Custom Tab Name.” From there, click “Go to App” below Static HTML.


Once you are at the Static HTML Settings page you can simply insert your standard form code as you would on your normal website.


Much like putting form code on your website, just copying the form code and dropping it in might not look as good as it could with a little formatting. This is especially true when working in the limited space that the app allows.


You can view our sample Facebook store here.

Our form code was placed into tables and edited for a little cleaner look. Feel free to use the HTML found here to list your products on Facebook.

That is all it takes to start selling products on Facebook! Our very own Facebook application allowing for even easier selling on your page is currently under development and will be released soon!


If you want the customer to stay on Facebook for the checkout process, you will need to log into your web administration and go to Settings -> Security -> Secure Certificate Options and check the box next to “Leave secure connection in frames on framed website”.

If you use Store32, you may want to uncheck the feature in the Cart/Store admin that makes the cart look like the Store. You can do this by going to Store and Pages -> Layout / Design -> Uncheck “Match cart templates with Store32 theme”. 


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