Shipping Order Packages Safely

 So you are going to be sending out an order and you are wondering how to package the product? When packaging, you need to think about how this product is going to be handled once sent out. Just visualize your product being dropped. Is it going to break? Is the product now ruined? You need to be prepared for this, since shipping is a part of nearly all ecommerce transactions (auto-download products excluded). Package your item as if it WILL be dropped. Also, is your product going to be defective if it comes in contact with water? If so, better use some packaging to keep water off the product. Is there a lot of space inside the package? If it was to slide around in the back of the van, could the products inside smash into each other and break? Below I will give you some packaging options to prepare for all of this. 


For the outside packaging, the most popular is the corrugated boxes. More than 95% of all products packaged in the U.S. use corrugated boxes. It offers good protection and stability. If you would like to go heavy duty, there are the double corrugated boxes as well. Looking for something not so heavy duty? There is also the jiffy bag. Keep in mind that the jiffy bag is light and may be tossed around during the shipping phase.


Now you need to have some impact protection for your product. Here you could use bubble wrap around the product. If the box is dropped, it will protect the product inside. You can also use what is called a “void fill.” This includes those foam peanuts and foam-in-place. Foam-in-place is what you will see televisions and computers packaged in. The foam is molded around the product to keep it from moving and also protect it if dropped.


Keep in mind these are only a few options to keep the products safe. Just be sure to plan for the worst!


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