Shipping Rate Manipulation

So, Cart32 can do many different things when it comes to creating shipping types.  We tie in with FedEx, UPS, and USPS real time shipping rates. You can also set up your own shipping grid based off different criteria such as total cost or number of items in the cart.  However, the cart also has features to tweak your shipping methods even more. 


The cart has seven options to modify the shipping rate.  These options are mostly for shipping  types that base their rates off real time shipping types, mostly because custom shipping tables can be manually modified.  These seven options are:  Minimum Amount, Maximum Amount, Handling Amount, Mark Up Percentage, Mark Up Amount, Extra Weight Amount, and Max Weight Per Box.


Many of these options are self explanatory, like the Minimum Amount and Maximum Amount so I won’t go into great detail about them. The Mark Up Percentage and Mark Up Amount options will allow you to mark up the returned shipping rate by the percentage or amount that you specify. 


The Extra Weight Amount will help you negate the extra weight of your packing material.  The real time shipping rate is based off the weight of the item, so if your item ways 3 lbs. but the total package weighs 6 lbs, then you are eating that extra cost.  You can either use this field to help with that or add extra weight to your items to compensate for the extra weight.


If you ship orders in multiple boxes and you find that your shipping rates are always off because of this, the Max Weight Per Box option may help you normalize your shipping.  This option tells the cart the max weight a box can contain.  Once that weight is reached, the cart will factor in another box in the order and the shipping rate will change accordingly.  For example, if you have an order that weighs a total of 10 lbs and you have a max weight per box of 5 lbs, the cart will factor in two boxes for the order and the shipping rate will reflect that.


Again, I didn’t cover every option that can manipulate your shipping types, but this gives you an idea of the power that Cart32 has.  It may take some tweaking, but if you keep playing with those options you may find a shipping system that fits exactly what your business is looking for. 


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