Simple Yet Effective Design Tips for your Ecommerce Site

Simple Yet Effective Design Tips for your Ecommerce SiteAre you thinking about creating a new website? Looking to change the feel of your current website? If you may be doing either one of these, then I will give you some basic tips that will greatly improve your future website. These tips may not sound like some serious scientific facts, but these are all true and can make your website look much more professional.

Make sure your web pages are valuable

You don’t want to have any web pages that don’t really offer anything for your service. They are like…. just there. If you are creating it to have some advertisements, this could also be bad. Having too many advertisements can give customers a bad feeling about the website. Even in my own experience, if I’m surfing the web for a product and see a page full of advertisements, I will nine times out of ten leave the website.


Avoid bad elements

What I mean by this is designs that just distract or give your customers a cluttered feeling. For instance, having many instances of scrolling text across the web page will seem unprofessional. Another thing that I have seen in the past is text over image backgrounds. Do not use these. It may sound like an interesting idea, but customers will not see it this way.  Pop-ups can be useful at times, but having an advertising pop-up on most of your pages is a bad idea.


Make it simple to navigate

The ease of navigation across your web pages is a HUGE deal. You want your visitors to see everything you have to offer. If it’s too tough to find what they are looking for, they will just take their business elsewhere. The most simple, widely used, yet effective way to make navigation easier is to have your main categories of the website on top of every page. For instance, you will have links that lead to your Home, Contact Us, About Us pages. On the left hand side, have your categories of the services you offer, hats, phones, shirts etc.


Don’t bog down your website

Make sure you compress all of your images as well as having links to a video rather than just having them play automatically on your website. This can lower the load time of your website. And while we’re speaking of links, make sure that they all work!

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