Six Tips for Ecommerce Customer Service

Six Tips for Ecommerce Customer ServiceI recently read an article over at Practical Ecommerce that covers six pointers to improved customer service on your ecommerce site. As business owners, we tend to think about covering our behinds with policies, terms of use, operations, and money. What we need to gravitate towards is a more customer centric business model. If the customer is happy, they will come back with friends. Simple, right? Below you will find the six pointers discussed in the Practical Ecommerce article along with a brief description of each.

1. Make It Easy to Return Products

I know you don’t want a customer to return a product, but if they do need to do so, make it simple for them. Nothing will frustrate and turn a customer away faster than getting hassled when trying to return an item. Whether the return is due to a malfunctioning product or a simple change of mind, allow them the option to return with ease. If you do, you’ll stand a better chance that the customer will replace that item with something else on your site.


2. Make Free Shipping Easy

A lot of these points are about ease of use. If you offer free shipping, make sure it is easy for the customer to receive the discount. In Cart32, you are able to offer free shipping based on a discount code and even based off of the subtotal. If based off the subtotal, the cart will automatically apply the discount when they reach the amount where the discount will apply. This makes checking out a lot simpler.


3. Honor Your Warranties

If a product you sell comes with a warranty, make sure you do your best to honor that warranty. In the blog post by Practical Ecommerce, they mention a situation where a merchant was dragging their feet on a warranty claim in hopes that the warranty would expire. This is very poor customer service. If you say you will do something, do it!


4. Make the Customers’ Lives Easier, Not Harder

Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to get a response from you. Try to be as transparent and as simple as possible. Don’t adhere to concrete policies and processes; these will likely turn your customer away from ordering on your site again.


5. Dialogue with Customers

Keep track of what your customers are doing on your site, what they’re ordering, and what they’re saying post-purchase. These are great ways to cater to the needs of your customers. If you constantly receive emails about a specific product needing to be returned, see why that one product is being returned and fix it. If you keep getting positive feedback on a different product, promote it more on your site to increase its sales! Surveys, feedback forms, blog comments, social media, and emailed questions are all great ways to see how customers interact with your site and what you can do to improve that interaction.


6. Emphasize Customer-centered Values

Make your customer not only believe that you are there for them but also KNOW you are there for them. Nothing is more frustrating than ordering from a site that’s impossible to get a hold of. Be readily available to answer questions that may ease their pre-ordering doubts. As Practical Ecommerce put it, “If your relationship with your customer is only as good as your last coupon campaign then you’re missing the point. You need to have a relationship so that customers will want to do business with you over the long term. Company profits come from repeat customers.

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