Social Media Buttons on Your Ecommerce Site

 Social media and Social Networking are a huge part of the internet now.  It seems that everything is tied into one of the major social networking sites: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  All of these sites have a variation of a button that you can click on when you see something on the web that you enjoy.  These buttons are a great way to spread the word about the products on your ecommerce site. 


Practical Ecommerce has a nice article about using those social buttons to help get your site noticed.  I’ll go over some of the key points here, but be sure to check out the article, it’s a pretty good read.


Search-Engine Optimization
The article explains our search engines are starting to take social signals into consideration on how to rank a page.  Search engines are also making deals with these social networking sites.  For example, Bing has access to Facebook’s social data.  Google of course has access to Google+ data.  With this kind of reach, you can see the opportunities that are available just by adding a “like” or “+1” button.


Make it Easy
Make sharing your products easy for you customers.  Make sure you have the social buttons on each of your product pages.  This way, if a customer wants to share the product they can easily do it from that page.  Not only is that convenient, it also keeps them on your website so they can continue shopping.


What to Use
The article goes into more detail about what social options you should use and how they should be implemented on your site.  It really comes down to your customer base.  If you find that a majority of your customers come from Google+ and not Facebook, add a “+1” button to your page and leave the “like” button out.


Using these social buttons is sure to get you more traffic, and thus more sales, on your site.  For the full article go here and read up on all the details.


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