Social Media Tools to help Promote your Ecommerce Site

So you have your Facebook Page set up, your Twitter account is gaining followers and you are interacting with everyone you can to get your name out there. You’ve been sharing content, but you’re not seeing the feedback, engagement, or leads that you hoped for. At this point you may be finding it all overwhelming. Be patient, getting established online takes time and practice just like in the real word. Here are five useful social media tools to help with indentifying quality people, engagement, metrics, and time management.  


  • Tweetdeck – Tweetdeck breaks up your content into columns, offering quite a bit of options. Type in a topic that you are interested in or that relates to your business and it will show you all the chatter about that subject. Tweetdeck also allows for the integration of multiple Twitter accounts and columns for @ replies, retweets, specific users, and Facebook accounts.
  • Get Satisfaction for Facebook – Providing great customer support is crucial, but it can also be time-consuming and costly. Get Satisfaction aims to help by leveraging the strength of your user community and cutting down on repetitive support costs. Get Satisfaction provides a forum where customers can get answers and submit new product requests. All this data is stored and searchable which builds trust with your user-base. Your customers are on Facebook and expect you to be there as well. Get Satisfaction for Facebook allows you to extend your community to the fan page creating a unified customer experience and reducing the number of inbound support requests. See it in use here.
  • – Do you think no one is clicking your content? You may be surprised. This URL shortening service is free and helps enormously when it comes to posting links on any platform. They also have a customize URL option. It stores all your URL’s and lets you know how many people actually clicked through them and where they clicked from.
  • Twitcleaner – Are you following a ton of people but not seeing much valid content? Get rid of those useless Twitter accounts that have no activity, spam constantly, or have not used their accounts in months. You will appreciate the ease of indentifying people and businesses that are not helping your marketing and communication efforts. It’s about quality over quantity of interactions while building customer relationships.
  • – This fully comprehensive platform aggregate puts all your resources in one easy to use dashboard. Hootsuite makes it easy to indentify keywords and manage multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and WordPress files. Most of the features are free, but you can also upgrade for as little $5.99 a month. What many people enjoy about Hootsuite is its ability to schedule posts for future updates when you’re away from the computer.


As stated earlier, be patient with your efforts because building real relationships take time. These tools used together or indenpendtly should make your social media experience easier allowing for you to put more time into your core business. 

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