Solidifying Customer Relationships on your Ecommerce Site

You’ve made the sale, the customer is happy, and all’s well that ends well. Right? Well, yes in the sense that you have another happy customer, but that’s not the end. You want to bring that customer back, don’t you? According to, in 2010, some businesses claimed 52% of their total sales came from return customers! So no, one satisfied sale is not the end of the customer-business relationship. You want to get them back. “But how?” you may ask. Here are some easy ways to make a customer feel special and comeback to your site again and again.


Keep your customers in the “know”:
If you’re backordered on a product they’re purchasing, let them know as soon as possible. Send them a discount if it may be a while before they get their item. Do something! The last thing a customer wants is to be left in the dark about a purchase. It’s their money spent, so they deserve to have up-to-date information on the order. With Cart32, you are able to easily convey order information (from backordered items, to track-shipping links) through our order email system.


Say Thanks!:
After a purchase is complete, send a thank you email. We know you appreciate each order you receive, so why not let the customer know their order meant something to you. With our Order Email system that I talked about earlier, you are able to send personalized emails using their first and last name. What you include in the thank you email is really up to you, but be sure to stress the importance of their business.


Offer Enticing Discounts:
With Cart32, you are easily able to create an email list of those who have made purchases on your site (Users Tab > List Users > Create Email List). One of the best ways to get people to come back and recommend your site to others is to offer great discounts for the people who have already made a purchase. Similarly, you can give the registered users an even more enticing discount.


Indulge their Shopping Instincts:
Email blasts are a great way to communicate with customers. We’ve covered email marketing in depth in previous posts, but basically what you want to do is indulge the window shopper in your customers. Malls get a ton of business on the pure fact that customers will walk by, see something they like, and go in to look around. Similarly, ecommerce has “window shoppers”, but they’re in the form of emails. They see something they like, click through to your site, and look around to shop!


Still not convinced? Well you should be. Gaining return customers is a profitable endeavor that each business should work on. These are just some suggestions, they are by no means the end all list of ways to gain return customers. Find what works for your company and do it, in the end, everyone will win!

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