Tax Season and Your Ecommerce Site

 Taxes. Some of you may like the word taxes and some of you may not – it probably depends if you will receive a refund or if you have to pay additional taxes. Let’s focus on the bright side of taxes and talk about refunds. There are two different scenarios that online businesses are faced with:

  1. Customers receiving a refund
  2. The business owner receiving a refund 


What do with customers receiving a refund
As soon as I hear that I will receive a refund I start day dreaming of what I will buy. This is where the retailer part of your brain needs to kick in. Right now people have extra money that they are willing to spend. This is a great time to use your marketing skills and reach out to your customers to get them to BUY from YOU!


How do I market to my customers
A great way to market to your customers is to use Email Marketing and Social Media. With Cart32’s new release of v8 you can directly integrate your email list with Constant Contact. Constant Contact provides new clients with a 60 day free trial of their services, so now is the perfect time to give it a try! Taxes have to be completed by April 15th and today is February 17th, so you have exactly 60 days to reach out to your customer base and provide them with a reason to buy from your store.


Here are some great discount ideas that you can provide to your customers!


What to do if YOU receive a refund
As an online business owner you know how quickly technology changes. It is vital for you to stay above the curve with your website. Customers judge websites by the way that they look, so if you have some extra cash see what kind of improvements you can do on your website.


Who can I talk to about upgrading my site
Cart32 has a knowledgeable staff of developers that can assist you with upgrading your site. Our development team can provide services from small, minor upgrades to deploying a whole new website. You will be surprised at how little it can cost to get a great looking website using a Joomla! template!


Tax season has its benefits for you as a person and for you as a business owner. Make sure you reach out to customers and provide them with a great reason to buy, but also take the time to reinvest in your company. Spend some time looking at your competitor’s website and see what needs to be done to ensure that you are staying in line competition.


Happy Spending! 


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