The Importance of Accepting Credit Cards Remotely

 I have a lot of friends and family members that have moved into the “stay at home mom” category. As my friends stay at home with their beautiful babies they start to entertain themselves with creative side projects. My friends not only sell their items to their friends and family, but they have started attending craft fairs on a regular basis. On one hand I think to myself – Man, I have talented friends. (I seriously have no creative bone in my body – now if you need an Excel spreadsheet built, I am your gal!). On the other hand I think they could dominate at the craft fairs if they were able to accept debit/credit cards. 


I have mentioned a few times on this blog that I am not a cash person. I seriously just looked in my wallet and could not even find a penny… I am well aware that farmer’s markets and craft shows normally only accept cash, however, I never know what I am going to buy before I go, so it makes planning very difficult. I truly believe that if vendors at farmer’s markets and craft shows would accept credit cards they would see an increase in sales, which would more than pay for the fees that are associated with a gateway and merchant account.


Over the past year I have setup multiple businesses with our gateway and merchant services accounts with their main request being the ability to process transactions from anywhere. My response to all of these clients is – if you have an internet connection, anything is possible! Our gateway service is web based, so if you have access to the internet you have the ability to process credit card transactions.


The benefit to using our services over an Alternative Payment Method is the ability to use a card swiper with your gateway. One of our clients had to enter all of their transactions by hand, so this was time consuming for her and caused her to lose clients due to the wait time. When we set her up with our gateway she was able to swipe transactions, which caused her booth’s wait time to decrease and she had less errors since she was actually swiping the card.


Managing a business can be difficult – my suggestion to anyone opening a website and/or promoting their business through person-to-person interaction is to make the customer’s purchase as simple as possible. In today’s world, that means accepting credit cards. Yes, you will receive a monthly fee and per transaction fee for processing a credit/debit card transaction, however, a sale is better than no sale right? 


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