The Importance of Updating Your Web Browser

importance of updating your web browserYou’re sitting at home, enjoying your morning coffee and browsing the internet before you head into work for the day. A box pops-up on your monitor asking if you would like to update your web browser to the newest available version. You click, “remind me later,” just as you have done every morning for the past eleven months. A few minutes pass and your browser crashes after trying to load some content from a modern website. You then throw your computer out the window in frustration. OK, maybe not, but you would like to. After all, this probably would have been prevented by not ignoring your browser begging for you to update it. Let’s take a look at a few good reasons for keeping your web browser up to date.


Pages will not display properly in old browsers
New web pages that are developed using modern coding standards and practices will often not display as they are intended to in old web browsers. Internet Explorer 7 was released on October 18, 2006, nearly six years ago! A lot has changed in terms of web development in that amount of time, so make sure you are seeing the web as it is supposed to be seen by updating that dusty browser of yours.


Security holes are still open in old browsers
This somewhat goes without saying, but if you are using ANY piece of software with security issues that have not been patched in newer versions, your system is at risk. Get your browser (and your operating system, and your email client, and your awesome 3D Spider Solitaire game) updated and keep it that way!


Performance increases and new features
Wondering why your web pages are loading as if a sloth was delivering them to you while riding on the back of a snail? Sure, your internet connection may not be the best, but browsers are constantly improving in performance which may make your dial-up connection a little more bearable. New browsers also allow you to install plug-ins, add-ons, and other gizmos and gadgets that make browsing the web a more enjoyable experience.


It’s free of cost
There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but basic economic principles aside, web browsers are free to download and use. Don’t like the browser you’re currently using? Switch! It’s just that easy. is a great website that links to the most recent versions of the five most popular browsers. Spice up your life; go try out Chrome or Firefox. Feeling dangerous? Internet Explorer 9 is waiting for you to give it a spin.

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