Tips for the Holiday Ecommerce Season

And now, it’s time for a poem written by me:

T’is 152 days ’till Christmas when all over the Internet,
Ecommerce Sites were bustling so you mustn’t forget.
Site designs were refreshed for usability and ease,
In hopes that new customers would find what they please.
Social media was adopted on many a site,
So that their products would surely shine bright.

Ok, enough of that. As Jason has talked about, it’s time to prepare for the 2012 Holiday Ecommerce Season. Here are a few ideas to help you get your site primped and ready for the upcoming Holidays.


Add a Countdown
Creating a sense of urgency is always a good idea. That prevents people from talking them out of it. This can be a countdown of “Special Ends in 2 days!” or even a countdown much further out like one for Christmas or one for your Last Ship Date before Christmas. Giving this information to people up front will make them sit on a purchase for less time, which in turn gives them less time to find something else instead.


Make Sure Your Site is Usable
You want someone to purchase from you? Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and find what they want. Add a search bar. Add a category list. Add SOMETHING that allows your customers to browse through your products with relative ease!


Adopt Social Media
Create some buzz about your company through the use of Social Media. Take a high quality picture, post it on Facebook, and mention who the gift would be perfect for. This is a great way to plant the seed in someone’s mind about your products. For example, if I sold cell phone accessories. I could take a picture of a specific camouflage case and caption it “Perfect gift for your outdoorsy friends!” That gets them thinking about those people and what gifts they might want with my product being the first thing on their mind.


There are many different ways to prepare for the holidays. Check out our Christmas in July posts from 2011 for more tips!

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