Tips to get Exposed using Social Media

 Are you creating content on your ecommerce site regularly but not seeing the type of exposure you would like to see? Perhaps all you need is a little bit of spice in your approach and content to catch the eye of someone who may have overlooked you before.   


Get Visual

  • Add a picture
    Did you just post about an awesome sale you have going on at your site? Include a photo of some the products or a picture of you or one of your customers showing your excitement.
  • Optimize your avatar
    Facebook page pictures should be fully optimized and eye catching. You’ve got 180 x 540 to work with so maximize the space.  Twitter avatars are much smaller at 48 x 48 but do allow for a customized background which you can learn more about here.
  • Add a video
    The web is inundated with blogs, but that doesn’t mean you should not have one nor does it mean that you can’t stand out.  Blogging about your products or industry can establish you as an expert and bring many folks to your site and hopefully lead them to purchase.  One of the great ways to stand out is by video blogging or simply summarizing your blog post into a short video. Let’s be honest, would you rather read a long article or watch a fun video?


Added Bonus of Getting Visual
If you name and tag your images correctly (tricks rarely work on Google) you have a great opportunity to increase your significance and standing on search engines. Videos also generally keep people on your pages longer and more likely to get linked back to and shared on other platforms.  Facebook also takes into account visual imagery when deciding where your stories should appear in the newsfeed. You can learn more about that here

Get Active

  • Blog Comments
    You can’t expect to get noticed by just sitting and waiting. Commenting is a great way to build back-links and become active within a community or group. A blog comment that is relevant, pertinent to the topic, and appears as genuine social interaction can get you new connections and exposure.
  • Provide Solutions
    Did you find someone who needs help or has questions about your industry? Answer it. Forums provide a great opportunity to engage a social community that shares similar interests. Forums also allow people to share ideas in an open and moderated environment that is conducive to learning and sharing in a productive manner.
  • Say Thanks
    If and when someone comments on a post or any content of yours, you should always reply back or thank them for doing so. It is a simple gesture that lets people know you are actively engaged and grateful for them interacting with you and your business. 

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