Tips to Improve PPC Advertising on your Ecommerce Site

 Improving pay per click advertising is important for small businesses. It is the fastest growing form of advertisement today and can really help drive customers to your ecommerce site. What is pay per click advertising you might ask? Well, marketers will specify a certain amount of money per click on the advertisement’s key words. These keyword generated ads are then placed on big traffic sites like Google and Facebook. 


First, when trying to increase traffic to your website by pay per click advertising, be sure to stay away from broad keywords. Of course, this could help drive more traffic to your website but if your keywords are too broad then it may be unwanted traffic. This unwanted traffic just cost you some money because they left after seeing your website and noticed it wasn’t what they were looking for. To help negate this unwanted traffic you can also use negative keywords. Negative keywords will keep your ad from showing up for those certain words.


Secondly, matching the linked webpage to the ad is crucial. So they have made it to your site after clicking your ad, what if the ad took them to one of your web pages that isn’t related to what they search? You may have just lost another customer. Don’t use too many keywords; you need to make sure that the landing page is relevant.


Another awesome way to drive customers to your site is offer them a deal they won’t refuse. By putting buy one get one free,  buy more save more or even buy one get one half off on your advertisement will help out greatly. Checking in on your competitors every now and then won’t hurt either! Check out their ads, see what they are doing to lead customers to their site and learn from it. 


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