Tips to Reduce Online Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the most common things that ecommerce sites have issues with is Cart Abandonment. Cart32 has a report that shows you “lost sales”, however this amount given should be taken with some insight as to what qualifies as a lost sale.  This is any situation where a customer adds something to your online shopping cart and then does not complete the transaction. Now, before you assume that the shopping cart is losing you a ton of business, think about how many times you’ve added something a shopping cart to see a total cost, check the shipping prices, or to see how much a discount would take off an item and then leave the page, never completing the order. These are all examples of lost sales. There are many tips for reducing the number of lost sales, but I will outline three of them for you.


1. Offer Multiple Payment Options
Cart32 is integrated with Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, and PayPal. These are all great third party payment processors that simply give your customers more choices during checkout. As I always tell clients, it never hurts to offer more options. If a customer doesn’t necessarily trust you and your site, offering a common name like the three mentioned above will allow them to checkout with confidence.


2. Provide a Clearly Visible Phone Number
Some checkout processes can be confusing, especially with the older generations starting to take to the internet (I know I CONSTANTLY have to help my mom with internet related problems). Providing your customers an easy way to get a hold of you for assistance with the checkout process will prevent them from getting either too confused or too angry to complete the order.


3. Only Collect Information that is NECESSARY for the Transaction
Many customers will abandon a transaction if you’re asking far too many questions. The internet is a fast paced tool and people don’t like slowing down to fill out forms that ask everything from their first dog’s name to their elementary school. Imagine if you were checking out in Wal-Mart and every time you did, they forced you to answer 6 questions not related to the checkout… would you still shop there as often? My answer would be a definite “No!”

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