Top 10 Customer Service Mistakes Part 2

 If you recall, a week or two ago I wrote a blog about some of the top ten customer service mistakes as outlined by Well, ten points in one blog was running a bit long, so I split it up into two separate blog posts. So here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The final five customer service mistakes!

  • Keeping Poor Customer Records
    Everyone makes mistakes. We’re human. Whether or not we learn from these mistakes is something else entirely. The article explains it perfectly: “If you keep referring to “Mrs. Johnson of Jackson Avenue” as “Mrs. Jackson of Johnson Avenue,” you can be sure that she will not continue to do business with your company.”
  • Giving Customers the Runaround
    Make sure when someone is contacting your company that they get to the right person as quickly as possible. I don’t know how many times I’ve hung up on a call because I had been transferred four or five times. If looking for order questions / support, try to make that specific department the first or second people the customer talks to.
  • Sending Canned Responses
    Customers will have questions, it’s a known fact. How you handle these questions, though, can vary greatly. Some companies opt to send out FAQ that may or may not answer a customer’s question. These are very impersonal and can make a customer feel like their questions don’t really matter to you. Try to send out more personal emails that directly address your customer’s questions.
  • Failing to Listen to Customers
    Listen to the customer’s question’s carefully. Nothing will tick a customer off more than getting an “answer” that doesn’t even relate to their question. Take the time to get as much information about the problem as possible so that you can work up the best solution to resolve their questions or concerns.
  • Forgetting the Basics
    No, we’re not talking about the alphabet or how to count. We’re talking about the basics of human interaction. Please. Thank you. I’m sorry. All of these phrases will carry their weight in gold if used appropriately.


So there you have it! A completed list of the Top Ten Customer Service Mistakes! Take note, and don’t fall victim to any of these common mistakes!


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