Twitter and American Express Team Up for Ecommerce Tweets

Twitter and American Express Team Up for Ecommerce TweetsThe popular social media service, Twitter, has recently partnered with American Express to allow online shopping with the use of Twitter’s hashtags.  The customer will send a tweet mentioning the advertised product and an Amex account called @AmexSync will tweet back with a hashtag used as confirmation.  The customer will then tweet the confirmation hashtag and an email is sent to the customer that allows them 15 minutes to confirm once more that they want the product.  There is a catch however, you must sync your American Express card with Twitter and you can’t use a card from any of the other card brands.

This service is not intended to be used for the average consumer shopping around for a particular item. Rather, certain companies will offer special deals on select products that can only be redeemed through Twitter. American Express will keep track of these offers and maintain the list in their Twitter profile Favorites section. These flash sales will also only last for a certain period of time and will eventually expire.


If you would like to take advantage of these offers, you are not allowed to have a protected Twitter account (an account that is not viewable by the public).  This raises a few security concerns as anyone will be able to see what you purchased on Twitter if they are keeping an eye on your profile.  It may be convenient to get a $50 discount on a brand new TV, but a thief with a prying eye will be convenience as well.

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