Types of Website Seals for your Ecommerce Site

Today’s online shopping is better than it has ever been. It’s continually getting safer and safer through security protocols. There are many third party authentication services out there to help give credibility to your online business, because as an online shopper you want your personal information sent securely. So what types of seals are out there you might ask? Well let’s break down a few different categories of seals and what the offer.


Security Seals
Security seals can be provided by VeriSign, McAfee as well as Trust Guard. When your website is secure you will have the HTTPS:// in your URL as well as a lock in the bottom of the browser. A security seal means that when data is transmitted, no one is able to intercept it. This is definitely comforting for shoppers. Security seals will only keep the information safe as it is being transmitted and not protect the information once it has reached the destination.


Reliability Seals
Reliability seals just confirm that the website is an actual business. Examples of reliability seals are SquareTrade, McCafee and also BBBOnline. The seals don’t do too much other than confirm the mailing address, email and phone number of the business.


Vulnerability Seals
This seal acknowledges that the website is scanned on a regular basis. This could be daily, weekly or monthly. The scans make sure that there isn’t vulnerability in your website. This doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe because in today’s world, criminals are always looking for new ways to hack into your website and no one can guarantee something to be perfectly safe. Running these scans, though, will surely keep 99% of them out.


Privacy Seals
Privacy seals are the best way to go, although it takes a lot of work to get a privacy seal. It takes an extensive certification process. This seal states that the business uses the information rightfully. It’s the only seal that will monitor what happens after the information has reached the database, which is after you have transmitted your personal information. BBBOnline and McAfee as well as many others provide privacy seals.  


Customer Rating Seals
The customer rating seals, as in the title, include reviews from customers who have recently used the website. It may not have any security protocols or take any certification process to get one, but it is comforting when you hear from other customers who are looking for the same product to tell you how good or bad the business is. The more reviews that you get, the better off you will be.

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