Useful Tips for Marketing On Social Media

Companies have been known to spend lots of money on advertising banners and different media formats online, but it comes down to simplicity sometimes. The old saying in business, is that word of mouth is a powerful thing. When people in general think something is useful or beneficial to themselves, many times they will bookmark, follow or friend the things that they happen to come upon. What better way for a business to spread the word about themselves or their product. Indeed, some places have policies on advertising of businesses online, but social media you can create useful articles that point to your product. Use beautiful pictures and it can end up on pinterest for example. Here are some tips for optimizing your marketing for the audiences.

1. Share at optimum hours.
It’s been found on social media for example that women tend to be up later on facebook usually around 9pm-11pm at night. 5-8pm for a general audience. Pinterest and Instagram has been wildly popular among young people and women also.

2. Grow your email list.
Yes people still read emails and its still popular. Since email can be a major asset, try to get more subscribers. What does email have to do with social media? Well Facebook, for example, through one of many apps, offers incentives for customers to join an email subscription list, or run a contest. With a toolkit like Constant Contact, you can even integrate it with your Cart32 account, allowing you to keep track of your customer’s emails.

3. Send the right message to correct media and audience.
Every social platform draws a different audience and serves a distinct purpose. Understanding these aspects will help tremdously. For example you wouldn’t advertise an insurance agency on Pinterest or Instagram. It’s been shown that twitter users love a picture attached to a post as do facebook users. Also Google Plus users are passionate brand advocates many times.

4. Test each platform to see how the audience reacts and responds.
It’s been noted that women tend to be on Pinterest, Instagram, and facebook. Men have been on twitter and on Google Plus a little more.

Social media is an ever expanding outlet and besides free posts, there are paid ads on these as well for your site. If you pay for placement of ads, you reach past your current method of interacting with your audience in an even more rapid and effective way.

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