Using Content Experiments to Increase Your Shopping Cart Conversions

Using Content Experiments to Increase Your Shopping Cart ConversionsEvery website page is built for a reason. Whether it is to generate sales, inform people, or ask for donations for a charity. That raises the question, though, how do you get people to that specific page? How do you bring your customers/information seekers to this particular page? The pages that are linked to that page, are they the best you can do? Are they efficient enough? Google has function that is part of Google Analytics that can help you with enhancing the page that brings your website closer to its goal.

This function is what Google calls Content Experiments. It compares different versions of a specific web page, seeing which one is the best for your visitors. You are able to test up to five different web pages. These aren’t just different variations of a single webpage either; these are five unique web pages all with a different URL. Sounds like it could be pretty useful huh? Well, it gets better. This function will actually tell you which webpage performed better, percentage-wise, based on your own performance measure.

Also, if you are a little worried about all your customers getting different views of your website, you can actually set it to test a random sample of your visitors. How sweet is that? Of course, if you would like to test all of your visitors, that is certainly doable as well and provides the most accurate results. Although it’s not currently available, you will be able to get updates by email telling you the statistics of your experiment.

Let me give you an example on when you may want to use this. Let’s say I have a company that sells hats and shirts. My conversion rates on my hats are always high but I want to increase my conversion on my shirts. I feel like they are a little too low. I will set up two to five different shirt selling pages and use them for Content Experiments. At the end of the experiment, I will be able to see which layout / design actually raised my conversion rate for my shirts. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to test that. At the very least, try it out.

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