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So, as I was perusing the internet looking for a lovely blog article to write today, I came across this pretty cool little site called  Now, I bet your asking, “Well, Jason, what is it and how can it help me with my ecommerce Site?”  Well stay awhile and read on. is a great tool to post your RSS feeds/blog articles to multiple social media sites at the same time.  This saves you the headache of going to each one and posting them manually.  Once you have what they call a “Route” set up, when you post a new entry on your blog a link to that blog is also posted to the social media sites that you connected to your account.


By now you most likely see the potential behind this service.  If you have a blog and feature new products or special on, this site makes it much easier to spread the word about your products and specials. integrates with the major social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others.


Not only is this site a great way to promote your business and products, it’s also extremely easy to use.  Go to and enter in your email and a password on the home page.  Once done with that, enter the address of the RSS feed and click the next button to select the social network you want to link to this feed.   You may be asked to sign in or allow to post things, but that’s typical permissions stuff that usually only takes a few seconds to do.  After that, you’re done!  Whenever something new is posted on your RSS feed it will also post to the social networks connected to your account.  Way to save time!


Now, you can spend that extra time figuring out other cool and nifty ways to promote and get your business out there and bring in those sales.  Check them out here, and also check out the Practical Ecommerce write up about them.  They have a nice walkthrough, with pictures!  Until next time, happy selling!

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