Using Facebook Offers to Drive Ecommerce Sales

 So you know about Groupon, Living Social, and other daily deals sites.  Well Facebook is getting in on the game in a slightly different way.  They call it Facebook Offers.  Facebook Offers will allow businesses to add discounts and specials to their Facebook pages.  These Offers can then be posted as Sponsored Stories or put on your news feed.  Unlike daily offer sites, Facebook Offers are free to whoever wants them.  When someone clicks the ‘Get Offer’ link an email will be sent to that user with the offer.  The user can then use that offer either online on in a brick in mortar store, if available.  


Now what does this mean to your online business?  Well, it gives you yet another way to promote your products and drive traffic to your website.  By having the ability to make your offer a Sponsored Story on Facebook, it allows your site to be more visible to people and raise the likelihood of your “Offer” generating sales for your business.  Also, having your Offer disseminated through the News Feed allows more and more people to see your Offer as it is shared and liked throughout Facebook.   You will also be able to track how many people have downloaded your offer.  This is great because you are able to see how well your Offers are doing and then compare your Offers and see which perform better.  Do you see the potential now?


As of right now, Facebook Offers is still in beta testing and is only available to a few big time businesses.  However, Facebook plans to roll out Offers to a wider audience soon.  In the meantime, I suggest figuring out a way to utilize this new and awesome tool for your website.  Practical Ecommerce has some great tips to ensure you have a successful Offer.  Check them out and get ready for another great way to promote your business.


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