Using Fancy to Promote Your Ecommerce Site

 So, I’ve talked about Pintrest, which is a pretty cool bulletin board site that allows you to post all sorts of things and promote your ecommerce site. Well I’m going to do you all one better. Enter Fancy. Fancy is another bulletin board site but is designed with businesses in mind. With Fancy, it allows people to post their wares and then, like Pintrest, share these posts. People will see these posts and can then “Fancy It”, thereby spreading the item to their friends and so on. 



What makes Fancy different from Pintrest is that there is a “Buy it” link on the product page that allows your potential customer to go to your website and take a better look at what you offer. There is the typical social media button that you can add to you item pages so that visitors to your site can “Fancy” an item and to begin to spread it on to their friends.


Fancy also has iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. With everyone going mobile these days, this is allows people that use their mobile device more than a PC or laptop to have access to all the cool things on Fancy. Take advantage of this. Get a mobile version of your site set up so to help these mobile fanciers navigate your site.


Overall, Fancy has many of the same features that Pintrest does with a twist for businesses. Take a look and see what you can get out of it. At the end of the day the more ways to get your business out there the better. Fancy that.


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