Using Humor in your Ecommerce Marketing

using humor in your ecommerce social media marketingI recently read an article on Social Media Today that nailed how I feel all companies should handle Social Media Marketing. It was all about how using humor was the best way to leverage your social media platforms for the best return. And let’s be honest, when was the last time you remembered a Facebook post by a company that just had a link to a press release? Compare that to the time you remembered a company because their post was witty, or even funny. For me, at least, the funny posts stick out a lot better than the simple links.

Using humor as your method of delivering information about your product will help you two-fold. One, it will help you stick out in that specific Facebooker’s (is that a word?) mind. This means while they’re strolling through their neighborhood store, they’ll likely remember your company name because you put a smile on their face. Two, it gives your company a face. It adds that certain “je ne se quoi” that turns your company from a concrete building into a fun-loving business. Have a personality within your company is hard to accomplish, but posting / sharing items that make you laugh (or groan because they’re cheesy) will help with that.


All that being said, I’m not telling you to run out to your nearest Improv-Club and snatch up a comedian to handle your social media marketing. Instead, start small. If you’re good with witty comments, post those. The end goal doesn’t have to be causing your customer-to-be to squirt milk out of their nose. Simply making them smile or roll their eyes will help your brand stick out compared to someone else’s.


Where should you start? According to the article, start with the truth. Have a funny story about how you got into selling your product? Share it! It makes you more relatable and also shows how your product filled a specific need or want in your life. This article also suggests writing about the “pain points” of your industry, audience, and those of your ideal customers.


I’ll end with a direct quote from the article:

So humor me, yourself, and your audience. Humor is human and it’s one of the most powerful and universal ways to connect. If you cannot connect with an audience, you won’t be heard.


Source: Humor Me! Lighten Up Your B2B Marketing and Get Results

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