Using RSS Feeds on your Ecommerce Site

Using RSS Feeds on your Ecommerce SiteRich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication or for short, RSS, allows your viewers to basically subscribe to your content so that when it is updated, they will be able to see the new information in their RSS reader. You may not see the benefit in this if you are only using it for one site, but let’s say you are using it for multiple websites, let’s say, 20. You can have all the updated content right there in the RSS reader instead of browsing to those websites individually.

So how does this work exactly? It’s actually quite simple. When you want to be subscribed to something, you will see the RSS image button and after you click on it, you can read these updates in the in what is called the feed reader. Now, I personally haven’t ever used this before but it sounds pretty cool. There are about 10 websites that I like to look at everyone once in awhile and if I can just subscribe to their content via RSS, it could end up saving me a lot of time.


This could bring your new blogs to your viewers when they may be too busy to check your site. Or maybe, they don’t even know that you have just written some new content on your website and you would like to show them. Instead of emailing them, this will give you a new subtle approach to letting them know. This is just another way to keep you connected with your customers.


So, if you want to create an RSS feed for your viewers, the best and easiest way to go about this is to use some software. I have seen quite a bit of good reviews for They have a Windows and a Mac version.

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