Using Smore to Promote your Ecommerce Site

using smore to promote your ecommerce siteSo you are thinking you want to do a bit more marketing. Maybe you have been doing some marketing for awhile now but want to use a different program. Well, there is a solution out there, Smore, which lets you create a flyer quickly and easily. Even though it is quick and easy, it still looks really professional and clean. There are many things you can do with a flyer nowadays and I’m not talking about printing them all off and stapling them to the trees in your town.

Let me tell you a little bit on how it works. You design these flyers by dragging and dropping what you want onto the flyer. This doesn’t have to be photos either; you can embed videos on the flyers by dragging and dropping. You can arrange the content on the flyer using the drag and drop method, as well. Smore has plenty of styles and themes to choose from so you can make the flyer look exactly how you want. Although this is all free, you can choose to pay and use the flyers you create in Google and Facebook. The Facebook ad isn’t the same as sharing it to your Facebook timeline. Instead, the flyer will show up on the right hand side where you currently see ads.


So what do you do with these flyers? Well in today’s world, there are so many ways to promote something via social media. For instance, in the Smore dashboard, you can post your flyer that you have just created on Twitter or Facebook. Smore even has like and tweet tracking built in. This means that you can see who has liked or retweeted your flyer. Although it is currently in Beta, you can try this out at

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