Using Twitter as a Tool to Market your Ecommerce Site

 Twitter is another great way to get your online business out there using social media. You can use Twitter to stay in contact with your customers and also attract new customers. Here are some cool ways to use Twitter to improve your online presence. 


Being able to communicate with your customers is important to business. Being able to tweet a special or tweet a new item and allowing your followers, aka your customers, to see these tweets will spark interest and traffic to your site. More traffic equals more sales. Also if your customers are following you on Twitter this will show on their Twitter page and their friends, which may have similar interest, may find your profile and check out your site.


Customers are able to communicate with you by tagging you in a tweet. You can then respond to their tweet. Also Twitter has a mobile alert feature that will notify you via your mobile device when someone contacts you. You can then reply via your mobile device as soon as you get the message. This allows for timely communication to your customer which is great for customer service.


Twitter is another outlet to add personality to your business. Since your business is online you have to find ways to get your personality out to your customers. Customers that feel that they can connect with your business will pass your site on to their friends. Have fun with it! Show them that there is a person behind the website that is there to help.


Twitter is a fun easy way to communicate with your customers and gain new customers. Figure out how Twitter can help your site and run with it. There really isn’t a bad way to use it. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!


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