Using Word of Mouth

One of the hardest marketing strategies to tap into is the power of word of mouth. Nothing can convince a weary shopper to actually make the purchase like a friend encouraging that they’d “love the quality,” or “even if you don’t like it, these guys are really good about getting you what you want.” Friends are an amazing marketing tool if you learn to use them correctly. Below is a video that explains the importance of using word of mouth to your advantage.




Aside from using social media to get your business noticed, there are other ways to gain great word of mouth. For example: if someone returns an item, shoot them an email and see if there’s anything you can do…offer similar items, give them a discount, etc. If someone frequently purchases from your site, send them a thank you coupon or even just a personalized email. Bottom line, if the customer likes you/your product, they’re more apt to telling their friends about your store.

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