Using WordPress to Build an Ecommerce Site

 Wordpress is a content management system or CMS that makes it easy to create website. It allows you to quickly and easily create a professional looking website by use of templates and the many plug-ins available to download. Click here for more information about WordPress and what it can do for your website. 


Speaking of plug-ins, Cart32 offers a plug-in that makes it easy for you to use WordPress and Cart32 together. This plug-in allows you to access your Cart32 administration from within your WordPress administration by-passing the need to have multiple browsers or tabs up to manage your site. This also allows you access to our HTML Form Code Wizard which creates code.


This Form Code Wizard allows you to create simple HTML code that will create the “add to cart” button for a product. You can then add this code to a WordPress post that has the item that you are adding and this button will send your customers to our secure shopping cart for checkout. Pretty cool, huh?


So if you are looking to develop an ecommerce website with WordPress and are looking for a shopping cart solution, Cart32 can meet your needs. We even have a development department that is more than willing to help with the development of your WordPress site for a development fee. Click here to get the Cart32 WordPress Plug-in for yourself.


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