Utilizing a Blog for your Ecommerce Site

A good blog can really bring a lot of traffic to your website and they are free! Blogs will not cost you a dime. Plus, it takes very little time to setup. It’s like free advertising to search engines and the truth is, search engines such as Google and Yahoo love blogs. Adding a blog to your website will give you more visibility. Occasionally a blog will show up in when using Google so having blogs could give you that bit of an edge over your competitors.


Blogging is not just for search engine optimization either. It will help you get closer with your customers. By this I mean, build a better relationship with them. They will get to know you as more than just their merchant. It allows them to see the face behind the company. This is like Marketing 101; build a strong relationship with your customers.


Also, for example, you could discuss a particular brand with your customers or just a particular product and link them to the product on your website. Now you can have customers try out new products on your website, or maybe they were thinking about trying the product and after reading your blog, you convinced them to give it a shot.


Blogs also let customers know you keep your website updated. Sometimes when I’m at a website looking to buy something, I like to see that they are monitoring their website frequently and keeping up with orders. If you see a new blog every week, this pretty much accomplishes that.

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