Utilizing Google Product Feed on your Ecommerce Site

 One of the biggest factors determining whether or not an ecommerce site will be successful online is visibility. That’s not to say that visibility is the only way you will succeed as a business. I know for me personally, I would never continue to purchase from someone who has poor customer service and lack of transparency, but that’s beside the point. Visibility is important because, well, if you can’t be found, you can’t make a purchase. In an effort to relieve some of that stress on businesses, Google has introduced their Product Feed/Search (formerly known as “Froogle”).


What this Product Feed/Search does is take your product catalog that you submit to Google and indexes it for future searches from customers on Google’s Product Search and maybe even regular ol’ Google searches. Shoppers will then be redirected to your website after clicking on the listing in Google.


The benefits of this are that it’s free and people are using Google to search for almost everything now-a-days. So much so that “Google” is not only the name of the company but is now a verb as well.


Now, you may be thinking that sounds fine and dandy but are wondering how to get your products to Google. Well, that’s simple as well. You just take your current product catalog, save it in a .txt or .xml file (known as a data feed), and upload it to Google through their Merchant Center. That’s all it takes. Once your product list is uploaded, you will be able to go in and edit the descriptions.


Again, this is all free! Google even has an article explaining how they want the data feed to be set up! You can find that by going here. So you get enhanced visibility and higher site traffic – for free! This is probably one of the easiest ways to get your products noticed by all the “Googlers” out there!


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