Utilizing Niche Social Media Sites to Market your Business

So you have a page on all the major social networks, fantastic.  You’re getting your business out there and are driving more traffic to your site because of it.  But have you ever thought about other social networks, the ones not so main stream.  There are many social networks that cater to a certain crowd, a crowd that might be perfect for what you are selling.  


Offering products that might appeal to the older generation?  Check out eons.com.   This site is a community of baby boomers and allows users to connect with other boomers, play games, and other typical social networking things.  Eons.com allows for advertisements on their page and might be the perfect place for you to put your ad and bring in more customers.


Most of us have heard about MySpace.  Since Facebook beat it out for the top spot on the social networking arena, MySpace has since reimaged itself to be more music oriented.  And here is the opportunity for to reach millions of people focused on this niche.  So if you offer products that may appeal to this type of consumer, make a page, like some artists, and advertise.


Has a site that sales knitting needles or products that might appeal to the knitting community?  Check out Ravelry.com.  This is a community of knitters.  They post pictures of their knitting projects, connect with other knitters and discuss all things knitting. Create an account and considering advertising on this site and let the knitters out there know what you’re all about.


This list is not even scratching the surface of what’s all out there.  Even though these and other niche social networks may not have dedicated pages for businesses, many offer advertising space and other methods to get your name out there.  You’re smart people; you’ll find what fits for you and your business.  So have a look and see what you think.


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