Utilizing On Site Search for Ecommerce Site Usability

 When planning out your ecommerce site design, you always want to be thinking about usability. A fantastic looking site is essentially worthless to you if your customers can’t find the product they want to purchase easily. This is where the ability to search your website comes in to play and really starts to show its importance. Giving your customers a way to search for and find exactly want they want will help keep customers on your site and ultimately help your number of orders. 


Having a search feature on your site is a pretty big deal. I know from personal experiences that I will likely abandon a site if I can’t search a few key words. Making your site as easy to use and fast as possible will gain you more orders and return visits. The internet is all about speed now-a-days, so if a customer has to hunt for product, they likely won’t return.


Now, there are two main points to make in regards to the search feature.


1. Make the search bar / button large and easy to find.
This goes back to the whole “not wanting to hunt around your site”. If customers have a hard time finding the search bar, then it makes the feature seemingly useless. It’s there to help speed things up. You don’t want a customer to be three to four pages into their “site dig” before they find they could have searched for their product the whole time.


2. Make the search results relevant and accurate.
You don’t want to just offer a search bar. You want to offer a search bar that actually helps the customer. Besides, what’s more frustrating than searching something on Google and not being able to find what you need? Make sure the results that you pull from your customer’s search are relevant to what they’re looking for as well as provide enough information for them to do a little “in-search-shopping”.


Long story short, search bars make your site more user friendly and the benefits for having them are numerous. So stop reading about them and get on one your site! We have a very experienced custom development team that would be more than willing to help you get your site search up and running!


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