Utilizing Pinterest for your Ecommerce Site

 We’ve talked about social media and networking before here at the Cart32 Blog, so what better way to end the week than talking about what’s hot in social media. The newest craze in social media and networking is Pinterest. If you’ve been on Facebook lately you probably noticed your friends “pinning” things to their Pinterest account and you probably know what Pinterest is. If you don’t know, keep reading to get the low down on what Pinterest is and how it can help with your online business. 


What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is basically a virtual pin board. People create boards and post pictures they find around the internet that are relevant to the category of the board. When people go to Pinterest they will see things that people have pinned on their boards and can then “repin” that image and information to their boards. This is the major social aspect of the site. People can “like”, “repin”, and “comment” on pins other users have made. That’s about it. From what I hear, it’s pretty addictive once you figure things out. So, stop by Pinterest.com and have a look for yourself.


Pinterest and Ecommerce
Now that you know what Pinterest is, how can you utilize it to market your online business? If you “pin” a picture from a website and the picture is clicked by someone, it takes them to where the pictures is located. Also, you can add links in the comments section of the image as well. So what does this mean to you? Once you create a Pinterest account, you can “pin” your products to your virtual boards and let social networking do its thing. People will see your “pins” and if they like it they may “repin” it and then their friends will see your post and then they “repin” it and so on and so on. This will drive more traffic to your site and, like I’ve said before, more traffic equals more sales.


So what are you waiting for? Jump on the Pinterest craze and start “pinning”. I’m sure that Pinterest can only help get your name out there and increase your sales.


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