Why You Should Use a CMS on your Ecommerce Site

 Content Management Systems are quickly becoming more and more popular. They are setting the standard for new websites to be built upon quickly and easily. So what does this mean for you, dear ecommerce business owner? Well, it’s important not to just look at “Content” Management Systems as a blog or a news feed for your company. This “content” can be anything from a new product to an upcoming sale. Understanding the broad scope of content that these CMS’s can create and keep updated will ultimately help pick the best CMS for you and your company. 


Here is a brief video that explains how content management systems can be extremely useful on your ecommerce site.



One of the greatest things about Cart32 is our ability to integrate with almost any current website. That includes most Content Management Systems as well. If you’re able to input HTML on the page, you can bet that Cart32 will work well on the site. We are currently working on a more in depth Joomla! plug in, but you can begin using either WordPress or Joomla! with Cart32 right away!


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