WordPress Compatible Online Shopping Cart

 Are you one of the 70,000,000 people using WordPress to manage your website? If you are already using Cart32 or want to start selling items on your site you should check out our recently updated WordPress plug-in. The first thing you will need to do is visit our WordPress PlugIn Page to start your download. Once you have filled out a little information, you can click the link to get the plug-in.  Once the zip file has finished downloading, make sure that your browser doesn’t automatically unpack it.  If it does, simply re-compress the file using a program like WinRar or WinZip, or simply right-click on the folder and choose “send-to” compressed file (Windows), or “compress folder” (Mac). 


You can now upload the zipped file to your site using 1 of 2 options laid out here. Once your plug-in has been activated you are ready to start dropping form code into your posts and pages. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to the Settings -> Cart32WP tab. Once there you will see the familiar cart administration embedded within WordPress and an option to launch the form code wizard. Within the embedded cart admin you can complete most of the common editing done by clients. You can easily see orders, manage cart appearance, and change cart settings to your specific needs.


Launching the form wizard from the plug-in screen will allow you to easily generate products and then navigate to the post or page of your choosing and simply drop the form code there. WordPress makes it very simple to generate content and make it look great. Combining the ease of WordPress with our form code will provide you to opportunity to have a great looking website and store in no time at all. To learn more about WordPress please visit the WordPress website. Get started by signing up for a free 10-day trial of the shopping cart and then download the WordPress plug-in here


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WordPress Compatible Online Shopping Cart

 Why do I appreciate WordPress so much? Well, for one it is simple ignorance due to my very limited experience with other content management systems, and two, it does everything that I need it to and more. Content Management Systems are designed to make producing and managing content for your website simple, regardless of your knowledge of HTML or web design.  While it is helpful to have some basic understanding of HTML it is certainly not required for creating and managing a fully functional WordPress site.  


According to W3Techs.com, in 2011 almost 30% of all websites on the web are powered by some type of CMS – and WordPress is used by 54.4% of the CMS market. As a result of so many people using it, it gets tested more, and bugs are identified and fixed quickly. The amount of users also creates a demand for plug-in developers and theme designers to create great functioning plug-ins and a plethora of beautiful and powerful themes.


The amount of themes not only makes your website look great but can also increase the functionality of your website.  For example, there are themes for classified ad websites, real estate agents, ecommerce stores, job websites, and much more. The ease of design in creating a WordPress site, combined with the easily generated html form code used to list products with Cart32 is a great way to get started with your online store. 


It is truly impressive how large scale WordPress has become as it is not just a simple solution for small businesses anymore but it is used by many large and well established sites such as:



Another great feature of WordPress is it’s out of the box search engine optimization. WordPress makes it simple to name your page URL’s whatever you like to enhance keywords. You can also easily apply meta tags to any WordPress post or page to increase your search rankings. WordPress also has a vast array of free SEO plug-ins available that can enhance traffic to your site.


Most importantly, WordPress is easy to install, modify, and use.  After the set up of a MySQL database and establishing the right FTP permissions WordPress literally is a 5 minute install. Installing a theme only takes 1 click, same for a plug-in, and creating content and posts is all done through a simple text editor similar to Microsoft Word.  Most folks want a great looking and easy to use website and WordPress can help you create and maintain that, especially with an ecommerce site. 


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