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Here at Cart32 we want to help our clients, you guys, get the most out of your business. In doing so, we researched different ways to get your brand out there. You may remember the posts on Search Engine Optimization (and Part 2) or using Email Marketing, but one of the most untapped areas of marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest (read, free) ways to get your brand out there: YouTube. I recently found an article from E-Commerce Guide that outlines eight different ways to utilize YouTube to help market your business. All of the points provided in the article are fantastic ways to use YouTube to help your company, but I’ve picked out my top three.


  1. YouTube for Brand Awareness
    “Instead of focusing on individual products or services, use a video to push your company’s brand, just the way you would with a traditional television ad…”

    What the article is saying here is to focus on the big picture first. Let people get a feel for you and your company. It will build trust and an indirect relationship between you and your customers.

  2. YouTube for Product Advertising and Direct Sales
    “If you can use YouTube to push an overall brand, you can use it to push individual products, too.”
    “YouTube is a terrific channel for generating direct sales for products and services.”

    This can be used to launch a new product, provide a how-to on a confusing product, give details on a service you offer, or give a brief description of a product to grab the viewer’s attention. Just make sure you link back to your site with more product descriptions. These are just some ways to push the customers on the fence about your product over to the side of purchasing.

  3. YouTube for Product Support
    “Consider some of the most common customer problems and questions, and produce one or more videos addressing those issues.”

    Cart32 has taken up this approach. There are so many different things you can do with our product that we decided it would be best to provide how-to/explanation videos for different features of our product.


Bottom line is this; YouTube is free and has millions upon millions of users. All you need to start up a YouTube account is a little time and effort, but you can see an unlimited amount of benefits.


Source: E-Commerce Guide 

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