Licensed Solution

With our licensed solutions, you get your very own copy of the Cart32 Shopping Cart software to place directly on your Windows server. This provides you with the flexibility to manage all cart files and the cart database. Upon purchasing of a new license, you will receive a year free of support from our amazing support team. Cart32 is a highly customizable solution that is meeting (and surpassing) the needs of thousands of active merchants.

Product Requirements:

  • Must be hosted on a Windows Server
  • Host must allow .exe files to run on the server
  • Host must support MS Access DB or SQL databases
  • Minimum of 32MB free space (plus database space)
  • Cart32 Hosting is available

Available Packages:

  • 1-Client License
  • 5-Client License
  • 10-Client License
  • Unlimited Client License

A “client” is used to define a single shopping cart.

Additional License Information:

Upgrade or Purchase a New License

Upgrade Your License

Upgrading your license is a smart thing to do to keep your software the most up to date. We constantly push out new features as well as bug and security fixes. If you are interested in upgrading your existing license, please select the button below:

Purchase a New License:

Purchasing a license is good idea if you prefer to manage your own systems and software on your server. You are also allowed the freedom of managing the database of the shopping cart. If you wish to purchase a license, please select the button below:

Please note that with licenses, you are responsible for managing the security of your network and systems.

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