Cart32 Features


Web-based control panel
No software to install (hosted solutions only)
No HTML or programming experience required
Free manual, videos, tutorials, how-to articles, other resources
United States based customer service
Free technical support via phone, email, and chat
Supports Microsoft® Access, MySQL®, and Microsoft® SQL Server databases
Import existing products database (limited compatibility)
Export and import Cart32 client data and settings

Products and Inventory

Easily add products to your existing website using our HTML form wizard
Easy to use options builder for product options such as size and color
No product limits
Offer quantity discounts, custom discounts, and coupon codes
Sell and accept gift certificates
Inventory management automatically deducts items from inventory on completion of sale
Generate inventory reports based on your set reorder points
Integrates with QuickBooks® using .iif file format
Support for downloadable products or softgoods such as .mp3 or .pdf

Design and Layout

Easily add shopping cart to existing web site
Customizable templates for check out pages
Easily match check out pages to existing web site
Compatible with FrontPage® and Dreamweaver® *
Complete control over store design
Support for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
Support for button images
Functions to update item, delete item, empty cart, and continue shopping
Support for .asp, .php, etc. on checkout pages

Order Processing

Change currency format
Offline credit card processing, phone orders, and C.O.D.
Create your own payment options
Integrates with Google Checkout®
Integrates with buySAFE®
Integrates with PayPal Payments Standard®
Integrates with PayPal Payments Advanced®
Integrates with PayPal Payments Pro®
Compatible with, Linkpoint, Verisign, and more
Online real time credit card processing with over 50 gateways.
Cart32 compatible payment gateways.
Electronic check payments (ACH)
CVV2 security code support
Export order data to .txt, .csv, or flat file
Support for preCharge, Verified by Visa, and Mastercard SecureCode
Support for running an external script after an order has been placed


Software upgrades included
Shared SSL included
Lifetime support included
No installation required
Free Estore builder

Shipping and Tax

Create you own tax settings
Designate items as tax exempt or special tax
Exclude item(s) from tax or apply special tax per item
Flat tax or per item tax
Base tax on City, City/State, County, County/State, Country, Zip code range
Tax on shipping optional
Create you own shipping configurations
Ship by price, weight, number of items, and more
Add handling charges
Designate minimum shipping charges
Designate free shipping on items
Separate shipping into multiple boxes
Support for international shipping
Specify max weight per box and item ships in own box
Restrict shipping based on location using state, country, or zip code range
Supports tracking numbers for shipping carriers
Integrates with major shipping carriers
Integrates with DHL, FedEx, and USPS real-time rates
Integrates with UPS rates database
Create shipping labels for DHL, FedEx, and USPS
6 shipping configurations available. Cart32 shipping types.
Display multiple shipping types
Conditions to hide/show shipping configurations

Reporting and Analysis

Customer list
Order list
Sales report
Sales tax report
Sales by customer report
Lost sales report
Inventory report

Shopper Features

All customer data is stored in database
Repeat customer information stored
Customers can view order history
Live order status and tracking
User account login

Customer Service

All orders stored in a database for easy recall
Cart summary window shows items in cart on your web site
View live orders on your web site *
Integrates with several referral programs
Send newsletters to customers
Customizable order emails
Automatic confirmation emails
Order status emails (processed, shipped, etc.)


Password-protected admin access
Full HTTPS/SSL support
Secure HTTPS/SSL admin access
Secure Public/Private Key Encryption

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