Using the Fast Charge Payment Gateway

Cart32 is able to integrate with the Fast Charge Payment Gateway using what’s known as an “ Emulator”. This allows you to leverage our integration with’s API in order to connect your Fast Charge account with our shopping cart.


To get started with this, you will need to log into your Cart32 Web Administration.


Once logged in, navigate to the Shopping Cart > Order Processing tab.


Check the box next to Use Real Time Credit Card Processing.


In the Payment Gateway dropdown, select the option for AuthorizeNet 3.1 Updated. The cart will automatically refresh for the necessary information needed for this integration.


Fill in the following information with your Fast Charge account information:

  • Login: This is your Fast Charge Account ID (FCXXX)
  • Type:Auth_Only or Auth_Capture
    • Auth_Only simply checks to see if the card has available funds, it does not charge the card.
    • Auth_Capture will check to see if the funds are available, and then mark the transaction to settle next time your gateway batches.
  • URL: Remove the Default URL already filled in and replace it with the following:
  • Description: This is just information you will see in your gateway about where the charge came from.
  • Referer URL: This can be left blank, but is generally your home page.
  • Transaction Key: This is your Fast Charge “Merchant PIN”

Once you have entered in all the necessary Fast Charge information, click Save in the upper right hand corner of the web admin.


To test the settings, we recommend you place a test order through the cart. You can use the test Visa card, card number 4111 1111 1111 1111, any expiration date beyond today’s date, and any three digit number for the CVV2. This card number will be declined, but will be accepted as a payment method.

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