Errors with Shipping Same as Billing

Generally speaking, there are two (2) main causes for errors when attempting to use the “Shipping Info Same as Billing” checkbox. Both of these errors will result in the box being checked but no data being populated in the shipping fields, or perhaps only part of the data being populated.


Issue #1: Mismatched Fields

  • This error is caused by the billing information field IDs not matching up with the shipping information field IDs. For instance, if the First Name field is setup in the Cart32 admin as being order ID 1, then to correctly pass that information to the shipping First Name field, it must also be set to order ID 1. If billing Last Name is order ID 2, then shipping Last Name must be order ID 2, etc., etc.
  • In summary, any field data you wish to pass from the billing fields to the shipping fields must be named the same (First Name to First Name) and ordered the same (1 to 1).

Issue #2: Javascript Syntax Error

  • This error is caused by having a character within the title text of the billing information that will disrupt the javascript function used to transfer the billing field information to the shipping information fields. In the Cart32 admin, you have the ability to rename what each of your information fields are titled. For instance, First Name could be renamed to Initials. If one of these fields has been renamed with an (‘) character, such as in the word Don’t, then the javascript function will read the single quote symbol and cause a disruption in the transfer of the field data.
  • In summary, avoid using the (‘) character as it causes a disruption in the transfer of data in the javascript function used to populate the shipping fields from the billing information fields.

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