Relaying Order Information

Cart32 makes sending emails out to customers quick and painless. Once you’ve set up what you want the email to actually say, it’s as simple as changing an option on a drop down and clicking save. Remember: The cart automatically sends out the order confirmation email.


The first thing you’ll need to do is create the different statuses within the administration. By default, the cart automatically has “In Process”, “Shipped”, “Back Ordered”, and “Cancelled”. This list can be changed or added to so that it says whatever you want. This can be found under Settings > Orders tab next to the option “Order Status Choices”. You may also want to change the Default Status as well, which is the status that is automatically assigned to an order once it comes in.


The next thing you’ll need to do is go to the Order Emails tab (located at Sales > Status Emails). Simply click “Add Email” to create a new email, and then click edit next to the New Email option. Once you’re in there, you can assign it a new name (for internal purposes, that way you don’t get confused when you’re editing different emails), set the status to send (which is what you created in step one), decide whether it’s an HTML email (which is pretty self explanatory), and then change the subject and body of the email. Off to the right of the “Body” text, you’ll see two drop downs that allow you to insert different bits of information from the order into your email (like a tracking number if you’ve assigned one). This way you don’t have to create a separate email for each order. Be sure to save the changes you’ve created on this email before moving on to…


The final step. Now that you have the order statuses and corresponding emails set up, you’re ready to send the information. This is done on the Sales > Orders tab. Once you’re there, all you really have to do is search for the order that needs updating, changing the status


It really is that simple. Using the order email feature in Cart32 is an easy way to streamline the order email processdrop down box to whatever status the order is currently at, and click Save. The cart will automatically send out the email to the customer.

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