Turning on the Bill Me Later Button

PayPal has a separate Bill Me Later option built into the cart integration. With this, you can easily provide financing options to your customers that allow them to pay off their purchase in installments. However, you, as the merchant, will receive the full funds of the transaction at the time of ordering.


To turn on the separate Bill Me Later button in Cart32, log into your web administration.


Once logged in, go to Shopping Cart > Payment > PayPal and click the “Configure” button next to PayPal Express Checkout.


This should load a dialogue box that gives you different options for the PayPal Express Checkout button. Within them, there should be an option labelled “Show Bill Me Later”. Check this box and click the save button underneath. This will turn on the actual Bill Me Later button during your checkout process.


To configure the location of the Bill Me Later option, you will need to go to Shopping Cart > Appearance 2 > Template Files and load up the ItemList.html template file. Using the following code, you can place the Bill Me Later button anywhere you wish on the page:

<td align=”right”><!PayPalBillMeLater></td>


To see the benefits of using Bill Me Later, you can read this article provided by PayPal. If you wish to advertise that you accept Bill Me Later on your site, you can go to this link to access PayPal’s financing portal. This will provide you with Bill Me Later promotional banners that you can place on your site.

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