Using the Auto-Download Feature

The autodownload feature allows downloadable products, such as .pdf, .mp3, etc., to be sold using Cart32. This feature is only available in the Cart32 Enterprise Edition.


  1. Go to the Cart32 web admin.
  2. On the Shopping Cart category–>Auto Download subcategory tab.
    • Set Use auto download to “Yes”.
    • Select when the customer will recieve the link to download their new product from the When to Auto Download dropdown field.
    • Optional: Edit the File Not Found Text and the Download Expired Text fields.
    • Set up your first downloadable file using the Add an Auto Download File link.
    • Enter the Part No for the downloadable product. The part number must match the part number for the item on the add to cart form.
    • Enter the Local File path to the file (example: c:\files\downloadable\formwiz.exe). The local file must be on the same server as Cart32.
      Enter the File URL to the file (example:
    • Click Save.

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