Using Public Private Key Encryption on Multiple Machines

Whenever you generate public/private key encryption, the private key used to decrypt the credit cards can be placed on more than one computer. Below are instructions to do so.


*NOTE: You should save the private key to a disk after you generate the keys. If something happens to your computer that you generated the keys on, recovering the private key will NOT be possible. Making a back-up of the key will ensure that you will have your credit card numbers decrypted if something should happen to your computer.


*NOTE: Moving the files discussed below from one operating system to another (i.e. Windows 2000 to Windows XP) has caused registry errors that require a restoration of the registry or operating system from a backup. Please proceed with caution and if you are unsure about anything please contact cart32 customer support.

Step 1. Save the key to a disk


  • See this article on how to generate public/private keys
  • Go to the computer where you initially generated the public/private keys and follow these steps:
  • Locate the private key file created in step 1, usually in the root of your hard drive (eg- c:\clientcode_kf.ckf).
  • Save the private key file to a removable disk and then leave the disk in your computer for the next step. (If you used the registy method to save the private key then you can skip this step.)
  • Next, export the Cart32 registry key which tells Cart32 where the key file is. To do that, carefully complete the next three steps.
    1. Click Windows Start -> Run and type “regedit” (w/o the quotes) and press enter
    2. In the left pane, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> VB and VBA Program Settings -> Microsoft -> Cart32 Install Key (.#########) -> CLIENT CODE
    3. Click on Cart32 Install Key (which will be your client code)on the left pane and then go to the Registry Menu –> File –> choose Export Registry File. Then type in “a:Cart32Key.reg” (w/o the quotes) and press enter.
    4. After that is completed you will have both the encrypted key file and the .reg file on your removalable disk.


Step 2. Move the key from a disk onto another computer


  • Put in the floppy disk/CD/USB drive in the computer that you wish to use to view Cart32 orders
  • If a floppy disk was used, click Windows Start -> Run and type in “a:” (w/o quotes) and press enter
  • Copy the key file from the disk to the exact same folder that it was in on the original machine. (If you used the registry method to save the private key then you can skip this step.)
  • Double click on the Cart32Key.reg file to import the registry key on the new computer
  • Try to view an order through the Cart32 web admin


IMPORTANT – NEVER TRANSMIT THE PRIVATE KEY FILE OR .REG ON THE INTERNET BY EMAIL OR ANY OTHER METHOD. This type of security is only as secure as the private key, so by keeping it off of the Internet, the encrypted credit card information is much more secure.

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