Accessing your Template Files

Cart32 uses a set of standard page templates to generate the output pages. You can modify these templates to meet your specific needs. To access your template files if your cart is hosted with us, just follow these steps.


  1. Your FTP account name is your client code and then “-cart32” on the end. So if you own a store called Jim’s T-Shirts, and your client code is Jimstshirts, your FTP account is Jimstshirts-cart32.
  2. Open up your FTP program and type in the following information:
    • Host/Address:
    • Username: [the FTP account name from step 1]
    • Password: [usually the same password you originally signed up with]
    • Port: 21 (or leave blank)


If you use Internet Explorer instead of an FTP program, use the following link:
Where you replace “clientcode-cart32” with your FTP account from step 1.


  1. To edit your HTML templates, just download the appropriate file and edit it in a text editor like Notepad.
  2. Upload it back when you are done editing it. Make sure you say that you wish to replace the file. If you wish you can create a backup of the template first.
  3. In case you wish to go back to the default templates, you can go to , click on the version of cart you have, and then download the appropriate template you want, then upload it back to the server.


If you do not know HTML, you may wish to find a tutorial on the Internet on how to do it. W3Schools has a good tutorial on HTML.

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